ABC Distributing Presents: An Overview of Walter Payton

During his lifetime, Walter Payton was celebrated among sports fans for his football prowess and incredible career. After his passing in 1999, the world knew him for his generosity and charitable contributions as well.

Born in Mississippi in 1954, Payton rose through the NFL to become one of the sport’s most celebrated running backs, earning Player of the Year and MVP awards in 1977 during his time playing for the Chicago Bears. Over the course of his career, he racked up 16,726 rushing yards and 110 touchdowns, earning him the rank of all-time leader in combined net and running yards. Known as “Sweetness,” Payton played 186 consecutive games, only missing one game during his rookie years.

Near the end of his life, Payton was diagnosed with a progressive liver disease. Bile duct cancer claimed his life in early November of 1999. Before he passed, Payton and his wife, Connie, appealed to the world for greater awareness of the need for organ donations. Payton, already a hero in Chicago, generated tremendous response for the cause. Following his death, the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation continued his work, holding charitable events such as the Sweetness Run and school supply donations for children.

Sports fans will always remember Payton’s incredible career achievements, such as leading the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl XX victory. The world will remember him for his generosity and kindness.

About ABC Distributing
A business-to-business merchandiser, ABC Distributing has provided products ranging from electronics and toys to housewares, books, and other high-quality goods for over 50 years. ABC Distributing participates in a number of charity organizations and recently took part in the Sweetness Run, participating in 5K and 8K distances.


ABC Distributing Discusses Corporate Social Responsibility (2/2)

In a previous article, we described how corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to increase nationwide. In this installment, we consider the impact of company ownership and firm size in philanthropy.

Overall, private companies may explore charitable giving with greater ease, because they do not have to vet proposed projects before masses of shareholders. A private enterprise may support causes that its owners believe in, regardless of whether those causes directly align with the business’ purpose. Just as companies vary greatly in their lines of business, so do the types of nonprofits that organizations support.

In the case of ABC Distributing, employees assist a number of local charities, including a women’s shelter, The Salvation Army, and nonprofits focused on children. Each summer, ABC Distributing staffers collect school supplies for young people and donate them through the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation.

The size of an organization can also impact CSR. As companies grow, their leaders may decide to establish foundations to support philanthropic pursuits. They may also create more formal and strategic giving plans.

Enter the ABC Distributing Daily $100 Giveaway for Your Chance to Win

Enter the ABC Distributing Daily $100 Giveaway for Your Chance to Win

On May 23rd, 2012, ABC Distributing will launch its Daily $100 Giveaway sweepstakes. Every day until the close of the sweepstakes on June 15th, ABC Distributing will hold a drawing for a cash prize of $100. Contestants can enter every day for a chance to win.

About ABC Distributing

Since 1955, ABC Distributing has offered high-quality consumer products at significant value prices. ABC Distributing features popular items in its catalogs, including the latest trendy fashions and the most sought-after toys. In addition to forging favorable partnerships with vendors and manufacturers, ABC Distributing places a special emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. ABC Distributing operates out of its central offices in Chicago and maintains a state-of-the-art distribution center in the heartland of the United States.

For more information on ABC Distributing or to learn more about the $100 Daily Giveaway, visit


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Ways to Support The Salvation Army By ABC Distributing

One of the most recognizable names in charitable giving, The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that meets a wide range of human needs. In addition to its well-known housing and shelter services, The Salvation Army also sponsors programs such as disaster relief, youth camps, locating missing persons, and combating human trafficking. As a charitable organization, The Salvation Army owes much of its success to its expansive network of volunteers and individuals who provide valuable contributions in all forms. Here is a quick overview of the many ways to support The Salvation Army.

Give Frequent Flier Miles

Through various programs with major airlines such as United and Delta, people can donate their air miles to The Salvation Army, which uses them to move volunteer personnel around the country in the wake of natural disasters and other emergencies. The United Airlines Charity Miles Program, one of the many ways people can donate their frequent flier miles, successfully reunited a needy family with a father dying of cancer. Through its partnership with the Delta SkyWish Program, The Salvation Army has reunited military families and moved emergency medical supplies to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Donate an Automobile

The Salvation Army frequently accepts donations in the form of cars, boats, and other vehicles. Thanks to the generous donations of individuals across the country, The Salvation Army uses the vehicles in its Adult Rehabilitation Centers, which assist individuals affected by alcohol and drug addiction in getting back on their feet.


For those who lack the financial means to donate or simply wish to contribute their time, The Salvation Army welcomes all volunteers to assist in accomplishing its mission of “Doing the Most Good.” In the year 2010 alone, more than 3.4 million individuals volunteered their talents, resources, and time in a variety of capacities. Through its Volunteer Match program, The Salvation Army pairs volunteers with the opportunities that best fit their interests and capabilities.

Contribute Monetarily

One of the most classic ways to give, monetary contributions play an integral role in the operations of The Salvation Army. Interested individuals can donate in a variety of ways, including The Salvation Army website and the red collection tins displayed during the holiday season.

To learn more about ways to contribute to The Salvation Army, visit the website at

About the Author

For more than 50 years, ABC Distributing, a merchandise retailer based in Chicago, has provided top quality products and customer service. A longtime supporter of The Salvation Army and its various programs, ABC Distributing participated in the 2011 Angel Tree program, which supports children in need during the holiday season. For more information on ABC Distributing, visit the website at

ABC Distributing and the Walter Payton Sweetness Run   Leave a comment

Since its establishment as a mail-order company, ABC Distributing has grown into one of the most renowned business-to-business and business-to-consumer merchandisers in the United States. Offering entertainment media, electronics, home and garden products, books, children’s toys, and other gift items, ABC Distributing merged with LTD Commodities in 2006 to bring further enhancement to both companies’ customer service capabilities and range of available products.

ABC Distributing also participates in numerous philanthropic efforts, such as the Walter Payton Sweetness run, named after the NFL running back who passed away in 1999. Before Payton’s death, he and his wife expressed their desire to raise awareness of the need for organ donations to save millions of lives. The appeal of Payton, who had played for the Chicago Bears, produced overwhelming support, causing Illinois’ regional organ bank to be inundated with calls.

To this day, the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation is credited with raising awareness of the need for organ donations to an unprecedented level. The Foundation holds several charity events throughout the year, including the annual Sweetness Run. Running or walking either a 5K or an 8K, participants such as staff members from ABC Distributing collect donations to support the cause of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation.

With the 2011 Sweetness Run completed, the Foundation has turned its attention to the 2012 event, which is scheduled to take place in June 2012 at Yorkville High School in Yorkville, Illinois.

Fitness and Philanthropy: the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge Presented by ABC Distributing

One of the best-known business-to-business and business-to-consumer merchandisers in operation, ABC Distributing has served consumers for more than 50 years. The company currently offers a wide range of high-quality merchandise to customers, including businesses and individuals, through catalogues and an extensive website. The company also maintains a dedication to charity by participating in a wide range of events, including blood drives, book drives, runs, and gift collections. In May 2001, ABC Distributing participated in the popular series of charity runs known as the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge.

JPMorgan Chase participants.

This team won for the best shout out to JPMorgan Chase public domain

Designed to promote fitness in the workplace and support a range of charitable causes, the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge includes a number of 3.5-mile races around the world. Participating companies and organizations assemble teams to participate in the races, and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation then donates to a designated nonprofit entity per city in proportion to the number of participants in the races.

The year 2011 marked the 35th year of the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge Series. This year’s event includes road races through 12 cities across six countries and five continents. The series stretches from March to November, culminating with the November 9th race in Sydney, Australia. Limited to teams from companies, rather than individuals, the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge encourages employees to work together in a healthy, camaraderie-focused environment. The series ends with a championship race composed of the top finishing teams from each event in the series.

Over its long history, the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge has become the most popular business-focused sporting event in the world, involving nearly 250,000 participants in 2010 and donating more than $600,000 to local non-profit organizations. In recent years, the initiative has also focused on supporting green practices with its Teaming Up For A Greener Tomorrow initiative.