ABC Distributing: Five Decades of Customer Service

Providing electronics, books, toys, housewares, and other high-quality products to consumers for over 50 years, ABC Distributing serves individuals and businesses throughout the United States. ABC Distributing provides information below about the company’s history and its plans to continue achieving success in the future.

Q: The company dates back more than five decades. How did it get started?

A: ABC Distributing began as a family-owned business and continues to operate as such. The business has headquarters in Bannockburn, Illinois, and maintains the primary goals of excellent customer service and quality product delivery.

Q: How does ABC Distributing set itself apart from others with regard to customer service?

A: Because all companies boast about customer service, ABC Distributing takes steps to make sure its customer service guarantee does not amount to empty words. First and foremost, the company offers a complete refund to any customer who is not fully satisfied with the products or the service. Secondly, ABC maintains a massive distribution center from which all of the products are efficiently shipped. This helps calculate how quickly a customer can expect to receive each order.

Q: Where can customers learn more about the company and its services?

A: ABC Distributing invites everyone to visit On the website, visitors can read more about the business’ history and browse general and seasonal catalogs at their leisure.


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