ABC Distributing Discusses Corporate Social Responsibility (2/2)

In a previous article, we described how corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to increase nationwide. In this installment, we consider the impact of company ownership and firm size in philanthropy.

Overall, private companies may explore charitable giving with greater ease, because they do not have to vet proposed projects before masses of shareholders. A private enterprise may support causes that its owners believe in, regardless of whether those causes directly align with the business’ purpose. Just as companies vary greatly in their lines of business, so do the types of nonprofits that organizations support.

In the case of ABC Distributing, employees assist a number of local charities, including a women’s shelter, The Salvation Army, and nonprofits focused on children. Each summer, ABC Distributing staffers collect school supplies for young people and donate them through the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation.

The size of an organization can also impact CSR. As companies grow, their leaders may decide to establish foundations to support philanthropic pursuits. They may also create more formal and strategic giving plans.

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